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Join us for a private cruise with family, friends or colleagues! You can choose a cruise along the canals for 1.5 hours or up to 3 hours. All drinks are included in your package! To cater to your every need, you can add any catering option of your choice: ranging from only a few Dutch snacks to a complete dinner on board!

We have adjusted our policies and capacity on board to comply with the COVID-19 measures.


Open boats with a capacity of 40 persons. Intimate setting for groups of friends, family or colleagues.


Half-open and half-closed, ideal for the Dutch weather! Capacity of 35 persons.


With a panoramic roof, and fitted with a bar and tap. Capacity of 75 persons. Open front deck!


Our impressive fleet consists of several different types of ships and we can arrange something suitable just for your Amsterdam canal boat rental! We have ships perfect for groups of up to 30, 45 and 80 people.

Would you like to be indoors, semi-covered, or outdoors? Would you like to stand or sit? Tables with chairs or without chairs? Music and a bar can make for a great party boat rental in Amsterdam, and cruising on the canals or taking a trip on the Amstel are just some of the possibilities.

All of our ships are fully electric and are therefore environmentally friendly, emissions-free and quiet. Our boat rentals in Amsterdam include a skipper and hostess. Reserve your boat online today!


Contact us for any questions you may have.

Everything just as you like it! For special arrangements, you are in the right place.

Marry On Board!

Open Bar!


Van de Bovenste Plank catering

Inspired by the idea that you can raise a glass while underneath the Skinny Bridge?

Amsterdam is known for its beautiful canals, UNESCO World Heritage and overall beauty. So why would you choose only one location to celebrate your wedding? Getting married on board offers you the opportunity to see all the beautiful places of Amsterdam on your special day! Start with a trip on canals, see the historic center and end with a celebratory toast while under the famous Skinny Bridge – urban legends say that a kiss under this Skinny Bridge is a guarantee for eternal love for a reason…

Prosecco, Heineken beer, wine, and sodas

Rent a boat in Amsterdam to sail the canals and experience the city in peace from the water. Our hostesses and captains will ensure that you have the best canal cruise of your life! They will guide you through the real Amsterdam and tell you everything you have always wanted to know. You’re sitting comfortably, enjoying a view over the water, listening to our hostess while consuming a drink. Rent one of our boats including open bar and get all drinks (wine, beer & sodas) included for just 6.5 € (ex VAT) per person per hour. For an extra 1.5 € per person per hour (ex. VAT) you have prosecco included!

Authentic snacks with delicious bites

Sailing through the canals of Amsterdam and enjoying the best snacks at the same time? It is possible if you book this arrangement. ‘Van De Bovenste Plank’ offers an authentic snack with the most delicious bites. You can choose from four different plates.

Wine tasting!

Wine tasting with an explanation, on a boat!

Are you looking for a special activity? Wine tasting on one of our boats is exactly what you are looking for. We can organize a tasting for you where several wines can be tasted and you get an explanation about the wine. For more information about the possibilities, please contact us so that we can organize something special!