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Boring Canal cruise!?


BOATAMSTERDAM.COM is Amsterdam's latest shipping company. And perhaps also the most enthusiastic. We want you to enjoy our boat trip through Amsterdam in our ships. And that you feel like as if you live in Amsterdam  on our houseboats. Our ships have good facilities. We sail electrically and quietly. Our hostesses are from Amsterdam, young, happy and informative. Our skippers are experienced and certified. We work with pleasure. And we will be happy to discuss with you if you have any special wishes.

The enthusiasm of our close team seems to work, given the number of returnees on our boats. Hopefully we will see you again. And tip your friends! Then they also know where they should be for the best (and cheapest) cruise in the city!

The team

Richard Jonkman 

Ernst van Gogh (1990) began his career on the water as a 7-year-old skipper from his uncle's boat. During high school, he sailed in his spare time and taught others sailing. He earned some money as a help in catering. There he learned how to organize. For two years he was a student at the UvA, where he mainly dreamed of participating in the Volvo Ocean Race. After a one-year course at Enkhuizer Zeevaartschool, he knew where his future was. During Sail 2015, Richard and he met each other. It worked. And Ernst quickly completed his studies Maritime Studies at HvA to become Richard's companion at BOATAMSTERDAM.COM.

Pety Looijen (1991) began in January 2017 at the BOATAMSTERDAM.COM team. She climbed the company ladder by starting as a hostess but she quickly gained her ability become skipper. Eventually, she is included in the management team as HR and Office Manager. Pety loves sailing! but she does now in her spare time. Pety is an organizer! By fulfilling various executive functions and thanks to her Bachelor of Management and Organizational Science, followed by a Master Entrepreneurship, she has grown into a true manager: she is now indispensable within the team.

Jasper van der Woude (1989) has been doing sloop rental in Amsterdam since the early years of studying. Due to the possession of multiple boats, he has mastered the nice tricks of rental and maintenance. Jasper has followed a study of Management and Organizational Science at the VU, after which enden up at he Amsterdam Business district. After some time at the office he found out that the work on the water was more his cup of thee. That's why he became active as a skipper at BOATAMSTERDAM.COM in August 2016. And since November 2016, Jasper as Fleet Manager is part of the team. But sailing has his heart, so he is still able to find the canals.


Abeltje van Iddekinge, Ana Balestra, Annabel van der Weide, Anne van Roessel, Anouk Wortman, Ati Veurink, Babet de Hoon, Bodil Nijland, Carline van Breugel, Catrien Stolle, Charlotte van der Meulen, Claudi van Niekerk, Dafne de Boer, Dana Meibergen, Dide Bode, Doris Groen, Emilie Breekveldt, Erin Vermeulen, Esther Janssen, Floor Klop, Florentine Reijnders, Ghislaine Langeslag, Iris Overdevest, Isa Bergkamp, Jara de Swart, Jeanine van der Bas, Jolijn Géboers, Josse Poppinga, Judith Burgemeister, Julia van Plateringen, Julie Klopper, Juliette de Groot, Kaat Jongepier, Karli Hubert, Kathelijne Daling, Kayleigh Bruijn, Kirsten Versteeg, Leandra de Sain, Lieve Weeteling, Lisa Boerdam, Lisalou Pam, Lonneke Bijman, Loulou Nieuwenhuijs, Loreen Gons, Madelief Boekaar, Marieke Felix, Marijke van Benschop, Martha Onderwater, Maud van den Elshout, Nena van Bakel, Nicky Wijkman, Nina Hosseini, Nina Zeelen, Pam Kortleve, Phoebe Wardropper, Pien Notermans, Romee van den Ende, Rosanne Wollrabe, Sophie Jacobs, Sophie Veelenturf, Susan Drion, Tessa Baart, Shiba Hussein, Zohra Fertakh


Abel Beerda, Bas Felix, Coen van Tilburg, Daniel Beasley, Edwin de Jong, Floris Post, Harry Wijkstra, Hidde de Wit, Jasper van der Woude, Laurents van Twillert, Matthieu Smakman, Maurits van Dijk, Max Terstappen, Melle van Haalen, Michel van den Akker, Olivier van Warmerdam, Pety Looijen, Renee Michels, Rob de Nie, Robin Terstappen, Sjoerd Feith, Teun Zoer, Thijs Maat, Tim van Haalen, Toon Meijer, Wouter Kempers


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